Welcome to Tamil University
The University is situated in a Sprawling campus of about 800 acres, generously granted by the Government of Tamil Nadu. Large buildings and blocks meant for the administrative and academic departments are located in the campus. The administrative block with its imposing structure and a lofty gopuram 
The aim of this Department is to publish standard books, treatises and research materials of the faculty in Tamil and English, as the Tamil University has been started as an advanced centre for Tamilology and allied subjects. A full-fledged separate printing press has been functioning in the palace campus of the University.
The University Library,a replica of the Indian Parliament House in its structure is located prominently in the campus of the University. As an ever-growing unit for knowledge and information, the library concentrates not only in purchasing new books but also to collect and preserve old and rare books for its shelves.
The well-designed and carefully planned Tamil University Art Gallery and Museum are not merely an assortment of museum pieces and artifacts but a unit systematically arranged to provide source material for original research work on socio-historic aspects of the Tamil people. Even though emphasis is on Tamil Arts, 
To bring the vast areas of universal knowledge(Science and Humanities) to the door steps of Tamils. To bring the articles of the Encyclopedia in a simple and lucid language so as to make the school and college students understand easily. To encourage all kinds of people to understand the latest information. 
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