VC Desk

The Tamil University, situated a campus of about 900 acres (3.6 km2) with a built up area of 43,868.34 Sq. meters, granted by the State government of Tamil Nadu, making it the largest university in the state by area asalso spelt out by the motto of the University “Whatever you think, think it in a big way”.
As the University was started with the vision of “Excellence in the fields of Education and Research in the development of Tamil Language and Culture”, it will be taken up through the mission of “Advancement of High Level Research in Tamil Language, Literature, Culture, Arts & Sciences for the benefits of the society” through 5 faculties and 26 departments to greater heights. Since Tamil language is one of the oldest languages in the world, by creating many Diasporas in other countries will definitely pave the way to spread Tamil language and culutre all over the world for which our alumni residing in other countries shall be the best ambassadors.
As a strong believerthat academics, research and extension are the three important areas / routes for the development of any higher educational institution, let us all work together to bring name and fame to Our University, by connecting our arms and shoulders together and show ‘oneness’ in working for the betterment of our university.
I solemnly request the faculty, researchers and students to come together andintegrate all our intelligence and resources to work for the upliftment of the university to become visible sooner, among the “world class universities”.
I hope that we could achieve this quite shortly in near future with all your cooperation and support.

With earnest wishes and warm greetings