Student Support

Capability Enhancement and Development Schemes for Students

Tamil University offers a number of capacity enhancement programmes for the benefit of the students.

Guidance Cell for Competitive Exams and Career Counselling GCCECC

The university offers career guidance for competitive exams and offers Career Counselling.

Year Name of the scheme Number of benefited students by Guidance for Competitive examination Number of benefited students by Career Counselling activities
2012-13 Coaching for Competitive Exams (10-16-04-2013) 156
Workshop on Career guidance (13-14.03-2014) 400
2013-14 Coaching for Competitive Exams (20-30-11-2013) 158
SLET NET Coaching (6-11-2013- 22-11-2013) 121
2014-15 Scientific Approaches to Human Resource Development workshop (04.2.2015) 350
Workshop on Career opportunities (17-18.12.2014) 300
Life Coping Skills and Career Plan (25.08.2014) 320

Soft skill development

Soft skill development is done since a general skills course have been introduced for all M.Phil and PH.D. Part 1 papers. Computer skills, communications and translation skills are taught to students. In addition following workshops were also conducted.

Year Activity No of Participants
2015-16 Workshop on softskills for Employment (21-22-04.2016) 340
2016-17 Workshop on softskills for Employment (14-11.2016) 315

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation activities are organized in the University periodically. Tamil University has a dedicated Yoga Centre and two yoga training teachers have been appointed . Yoga classes were also organized for the students in the hostel

Personal Counselling

Personal counselling is offered by teachers and head of the Department. For the research students the Ph.D. guides act as personal counsellors. This activity is done at the department level and by the faculty members. When students face financial difficulties, teachers and staff members help. Suggestions are also offered for future career options and support is offered.

Remedial coaching

Remedial coaching is offered by the university for the students who need academic support.

Special Skills

Since 2013 In Tamil University, offers Karate and Silambam (Stick fight) training for the
girl students for their self-protection. Silambam is a traditional martial art – fight with long wooden stick which is called Silambam. The Karate program is organized by Karathe Coach 4th DAN BLACK BELT Mr. E. Eswaramoorthy.

The report of the activity on the training on self defence skills organised for the students (2013)

In 2013 as part of the first batch more than 40 students were given training. Among them, 12 obtained 1 stage of green belt.

In 2014, more than 20 students were given training and they obtained black belt. In this year Karathe organization Shito – Ryu origanized a Karathe tournament at Thanjavur and 3 of our girl Students received 1st and 2nd prizes in 2 events according to their weight category. On this occasion, R. Vaidyalingam, Honorable Housing Minister, Govt of Tamil Nadu distributed the prizes to the students.

In 2015, 20 girl Students were given Silampam training.
In 2016, 40 students were given Karate training among them 15 students obtained Green
Belt of 1st stage .

In 2017, Tamil University girl students participated in various Karathe events according to their weight categories and won 11 prizes in Hyashika State level Tournament. The Coach E. Easwaramoorthy organized the tournament with the coloration of Hyashika Chennai.

In 2017, 4 of girl students of Tamil University, obtained Black Belt, and they were also given Silambam training.

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