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Tamil University Centre of International Programs TUCIP

The Tamil University is a unique university catering to the needs of Tamil Language and learning. The Tamil University’s Centre of International Programmes plays an important role in the development of Tamil Language and culture in domestic as well as overseas contexts. The Centre at Tamil University looks into activities related to International Students, MOUs and Collaboration. It helps to bring the universities of Asia and Europe to made academic agreements like MOU, Faculty and student exchange programmes with various departments of Tamil University.

International Students at Tamil University

Tamil University’s foreign students mainly derive from the Tamil Diaspora and the researchers interested in Tamil Studies. Many foreign students have obtained Post-Graduate and doctoral degrees from the Department of Music, Department of Sculpture, Department of Epigraphy and Archaeology, Department of Social Sciences, Department of Literature, The Department of Tamil studies in Foreign Countries and Department of Siddha.

International Students, Researchers and Academics

  • M.A., M.Phil and Ph.D. Programmes

    For admission to the M.A., M.Phil and Ph.D. Programmes, Click here for Details

  • Visiting Researchers

    Researchers may undertake Post-Doctoral and other research programmes in Tamil languages, history, cultures and the related fields at Tamil University, with funding from various foundations, institutions and trusts.

  • Visiting Scholars

    Tamil University welcomes scholars undertaking research in the area of Tamil studies, Culture and languages. Tamil University would be happy host visiting scholars from Overseas institutions to our campus throughout the year. We request you to register at the Tamil University’s Website.

Department of Tamil Studies in Foreign Countries (DTFC)

The Tamil University established the Department of Tamil studies in Foreign Countries to undertake research on Tamil Diaspora and their language and literature. Further, it was extended to the next level by imparting training to the international students and professionals who desire to study Tamil language and Literature. Exchange programmes were also initiated with various overseas institutions. These exchange programs have helped the way to understand the socio-economic, cultural and language conditions of the overseas Tamil communities. The staff members of the Department of Tamil Studies in Foreign Countries conduct joint training programmes to the teachers and scholars living abroad

The Overseas Programs of Tamil University

  • Karikaalan Award: The Tamil University and Singapore Mustafa Tamil Endowment was established in the year 2007. The prime aim of this endowment is to identify Excellent Tamil book published in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore and honour the writer with a Gold Medal and Award. The Department of Tamil studies in foreign countries (DTFC) acquires the published books from the above mentioned countries and identifies the Best Book every year, after due scrutiny.
  • South Eastern University, Sri Lanka and Tamil University (Dept. of Tamil Studies in Foreign Countries (DTFC) had signed in a MOU to work in the field of language and culture. The mission of the above MOU is to focus in the areas of Exchanging students and conducting training programs jointly.
  • Mauritius Tamil Teacher Training course: The Tamil Development Dept, Govt. of Tamilnadu has given approval to Tamil University to conduct Annual Tamil Training classes for Mauritius Tamil Teachers to strengthen Tamil Language in Mauritius. The faculty members of Tamil University are planning to conduct the above course with updated syllabus in March 2018.
  • The Tamil University and University Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) signed in an Educational agreement in 2014 to work closely in the areas of Tamil education, teaching and students exchange programs. Faculty exchange program is also a unique aspect of the above agreement. The students of UPSI visited Tamil University and attended 10 days workshop on Sangam Literature.
  • The Tamil University (DTFC) organizes annual workshop for University Peradeniya Tamil Department students since 2014. Nearly 40 students of Peradeniya University are visiting Tamil University every year and attending Tamil literature workshop. This program is conducted jointly with the Central Institute of Classical Tamil, Chennai.
  • The Tamil University has been conducting Tamil Classes at AIMST University, Malaysia since 2016. The Tamil University and AIMST made agreement to extend co-operation to carryout Tamil Language Learning and training coaching at AIMST, Malaysia. The Tamil University agreed to provide needed Books every year to AIMST.
  • The Tamil University and Australian Tamil Development Centre had signed in MOU recently to organize international conferences on Tamil Literature every year. The first conference will be held at Sydney in June 2017 on the great Tamil epic “Silapathikaram“.
  • The Department of Epigraphy and Archaeology, The Department of Maritime History and Marine Archaeology and the School of Indian Languages have conducted International Workshop on Tamil Epigraphy jointly with Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes-UMR 7528 Mondes iranien et indien, Paris
  • The Department of Maritime History and Marine Archaeology has been a Supporter of the Asia Pacific Conference on Underwater Archaeology.

Athikumanan Library

Department of Tamil Studies in Foreign Studies has Athikumanan Library which has a collection of books of Tamil writers from Singapore, Mauritius, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Canada, Germany and Malaysia. This library is highly useful for the research scholars undertaking research on the development of Tamil in foreign countries.

Facilities for International Students, Researchers and Scholars

  • Wifi Facility
  • Access to Library
  • Support for Admissions, Visa and other formalities
  • Mentor Support
  • Hostel Facility
  • Faculty Guest House

Research Programs

  • Tamil University offers M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs in various subjects, besides P.G., P.G. Diploma and Diploma programs.
  • The research programs offer hands on training on various subjects.
  • Tamil University has several labs, and museums, archives and research facilities.
  • They support the research activities of the students.

M.Phil. Programs

  • Admission to M.Phil.Programs normally open in the months of July-August every year.
  • The M.Phil. Programs incorporate theory papers and a dissertation.
  • The rules for admissions are according to the UGC and University regulations.
  • Entrance exams are conducted for M.Phil.Admission.

Ph.D. Programs

Ph.D. Programs are regulated by the rules of the UGC and the University.The Ph.D. Programs are normally advertised four times a year, based on the number of seats available.
The PH.D. Admission Seasons are:

  • January
  • April
  • July
  • Oct

The announcement of admission is published on the University Website and in the Newspapers.

Entrance Exams

The students are admitted after entrance exams.

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