Pure Tamil Dictionaries


  • To prepare a most comprehensive monolingual pure Tamil Dictionary in five volumes with the elucidation of grammatical classification, etymological classification (Origin and Derivatives) appropriate illustrative citations from ancient, medieval and modern texts, inscription and adoptable glossaries of various publications of eminent scholars etc with keen and meticulous attention.
  • To prepare a Dictionary of Technical Terms of Rarity in two volumes. [a] English to Tamil and [b] Tamil to English
  • To prepare the principles of Transcreation of Technical Terms in one volume.
  • To study the Etymology of Tamil Words
  • To prepare simplified grammatical books with principles for the use of error-free writing for present day students of schools and colleges and
  • To prepare Dictionaries in various fields of science and humanities to fulfill the needs of the students and staff.


  • Publication of pure Tamil dictionary for 130 disciplines
  • Pure Tamil Dictionary is in preparation

Principal Editor

Chief Editor (Incharge)
Department of Lexicography
Tamil University


Authoritative encyclopedias, offering well-authenticated facts and information are indispensable tools for the promotion of proper use and planned development of a language. These Encyclopedias must carry out the onerous task of compiling the latest information in the fields of Sciences and Humanities. The compiled data must constantly be updated.


  • To bring the vast areas of Universal knowledge (Sciences and Humanities) to the doorsteps of the Tamils.
  • To provide essential information in a simple and lucid language so as to make School and College students understand easily.
  • To encourage all kinds of people to understand the latest information.
  • To coin new technical terms wherever necessary
  • To promote the use of new technical terms


  • Publication of the first of its kind Encyclopedias for Humanities and Social Sciences in Tamil
  • The Encyclopedia of Sciences has 19 volumes and humanities have 15 volumes.
  • Each volume which has 1000 pages includes graphs, photographs, tables and equations.
  • It has author index at the beginning and, subject index and a technical terms list at the end of each volume
  • The science Encyclopedia contains information from all branches of basic sciences including engineering, technology and medicine.

Chief Editor (in-charge)

Scientific tamil and Tamil development

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