Vision and Mission


  • To analyze and identify the contribution of Tamil culture to the mosaic of Indian Culture
  • To reconstruct and revive the scientific thoughts, intellectual achievements and the outstanding industrial knowledge of the ancient Tamils for the use of the contemporary society.
  • To study the grammatical and linguistic theories of Tamil language. To study the structure of Tamil language and the potentiality of Tamil Language. To create modern methods for language teaching.
  • To translate rare books of Tamil into other languages and vise versa. To preserve and publish Tamil inscriptions, palm-leaf manuscripts, rare-paper manuscripts and rare books.
  • To publish encyclopedias related to literature, grammar, science and technical glossary and Philosophy in Tamil.
  • To recover and publish the lost cultural components of Tamil and the historical monuments through systematic research.
  • To facilitate research on the cultural impacts of the Tamil Diaspora and the foreign relations of Tamizhakam.


The mission of the University is to further the advancement of high level learning and research on Tamil language, literature and culture. The focus is not just on existence, but on excellence in all fields of knowledge for the benefit of the society.

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