Tamil University Alumni Association

The alumni association was established at Tamil University on 5.12.2005. The Alumni Association/Chapters contributes significantly to the development of the institution through financial and non financial means. The association collects contribution from the alumni and the funds are utilised for the development of the university.
The association created two endowments of one lakh each based on the collection of membership fees from the alumni.
• The interest from the endowment (established on 16.04.2009) is used for distributing prizes for the students who secure 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the P.G. exams.
• The second endowment is meant for arranging lectures for vocational guidance of the students in the Department of Education.
• The third endowment is being created with the corpus of 2 lakh rupees and it is being formulated.
Tamil University supports the alumni. Twenty percent (20%) concession in tuition fee is offered to Tamil University students and alumni for courses offered in distance mode

    Office Bearers from 2017-18
    Chief Patron
    Dr. G Bhaskaran
    Vice Chancellor
    Tamil University
    Tamil University
    Dr. M.K. Kovaimani
    Department of Palm Leaf Manuscripts
    Tamil University
    Vice President
    Dr. J. Devi
    Department of Literature
    Tamil University
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Epigraphy and Archaeology
    Tamil University
    Joint Secretary
    Dr. P. Balachandran
    Head and Associate Professor
    Department of Philosophy
    Tamil University
    Dr. S Karpagam
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Music
    Tamil University
    Executive Committee Members
    Dr. P. Dravidamani
    Dr.V. Sathyanarayanan
    Dr. K.A. Selvaraj
    Dr. T.Sivakumar
    Dr. T.Pushkala
    Dr.G. Mohanraj
    Dr.M. Saranya
    Mr. K.Sankar

    Meeting of Alumni in 2017

    Report of Important Meetings and Endowment

    Alumni association Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
    Employment Seminar Endowment Regulation
    Tamil university alumni association general body meeting was held on 20.09.2012. This meeting was held at university guest house at 4pm.
    In this meeting as per the clause No.6 employment opportunities seminar endowment should follow the following rules was decided.
    Rules and Regulations:
    1. The endowment should be called in the name Tamil university alumni association employment opportunities seminar endowment.
    2. The sum of rupees one lakh should be made as fixed deposit and interest of the same must be used for conducting seminars.
    3. This seminar should facilitate the perusing students and alumni of the university.
    4. Through this endowment workshop, seminar, conference, skill development programme or employment should be conducted.
    5. This endowment should function under Education and Management department.
    6. The function carried out through this endowment should be informed to all the members of the association.
    7. If the programme is not conducted through this endowment in a year, the interest should be deposited to the initial account.
    Meeting Report
    Tamil university alumni association executive committee meeting was held on 13.10.2017. This meeting was held at university guest house around 5 pm. Many resolutions were taken on this day as follows:
    • Word of gratitude was shown to Tamil university for 10% concession on fees to alumni perusing their studies through distance education.
    • It was decided that reunion of alumni will held on 10.12.2017 and two outstanding alumni will be invited as special guest.
    • Notice regarding reunion will be given through Newspaper, SMS, WhatsApp and E-mail.
    • It was decided that ever year alumni association seminar will be conducted and book will be released. It was also decided that the alumni who releases his\her book will be honoured.
    • To meet out the expenditure of alumni association meeting Rs. 10,000 will be given.
    • Ten percent concession on fees should be given to the alumni who continue their higher education in campus. This request will be given to university management.
    • It was also decided to put a request to management that as 50% reduction on university publication is given to faculties should be forwarded to alumni also.
    • It was put forth that Rs. 500 which was collected by students of education department should be included in alumni association bank account.
    • The main agenda of this meeting was constitution of alumni association endowment worth rupees two lakh.

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