Career Guidance & Counselling

Aim and Purpose

  • Educating and Facilitating career guidance for all students to focus on student development activities through Seminars and Workshops.
  • Counselling the needy students to improve employability and address personality development issues.
  • Extending the Career Guidance Activities to the needy student groups in Schools and Colleges, outside the Tamil University system.

Designation & Department

Co-Ordinator of Career Guidance and Counselling Cell
Professor and Head, Registrar Incharge,
Department of Education and Management
Mobile No : 94431 81034 email : [email protected]

Members of the Students Placement Cell Designation & Department

Professor and Head
Co-ordinator of Student Placement Cell
Department of Education and Management
Cell : 98946 95101

Assistant Professor
Member of Student Placement Cell
Department of Ancient Science
Cell : 98659 33881

Assistant Professor
Member of Student Placement Cell
School of Philosophy
Cell : 94434 48182

Assistant Professor
Member of Student Placement Cell
Department of Tribal Research
Cell : 94420 79434

Assistant Professor
Member of Student Placement Cell
Department of Linguistics
Cell : 70032 08858

Under the General Development Assistance of the UGC during the XI Plan, the Career Guidance and Counselling Cell was establis hedatTamil University to help and nurture the students with respect to career and personal development needs.

As indicated by the UGC guidelines, Career and Counselling cell helps the students with appropriate guidance to establish linkages with the world of work and locate career opportunities vis-à-vis the realities and job profiles in the context of highly competitive emerging occupational patterns. The gaps in the perception about the market demands and individual expectations could be bridged through psychological support and confidence building measures. Nowadays vocational guidance and campus based interviews have become a common practice. These could be taken care through the active liaison of the Career and Counselling Cell with the recruiting agencies and HR personnel of reputed firms. The active participation of institutional experts from various institutions gives greater on site experience in search of suitable candidates. In this exercise, the help of the alumni of the University, are also sought. The cell undertakes training programmes to acquaint the students with the high demand market areas.


Along with the academic and administrative processes of the University, Career and Counselling Cell is managed by the well-informed and interested teachers. It supports the students in the development of soft skills and communication ability to challenge the rigours of competitive tests and exams. As a agency supporting healthy inter and intra personal relations, it inculcates social values and ability to think independently for carrying out social responsibilities. There is a team of teachers with different subjects and interests and thereby help to translate this vision and carry out its healthy functions as an institutional imperative. The guidance and counselling cell in the University is a resource centre of information, guidance and counselling with free accessibility and internet based global connectivity and exchange of information on professional placements.

Functions of Placement Cell & Career Guidance and Counselling Cell

    • To gather information on job avenues and placements in different institutions and concerns related to the courses that the University offers.
    • To analyze information in the local, regional and national contexts. To explore the relevance and utility of information for the students in their placements and on job-training.
    • To organize seminars and guidance workshops for informing students about the emerging professional trends and events, job profiles, leadership roles, entrepreneurship, market needs and risks and implementation of national socio- economic policies and to impart training in soft skills.
    • To promote discipline, healthy outlook and positive attitudes towards for national integration and removal of narrow provincial preferences and prejudices.

The Career Guidance and Counselling Cell is constituted to provide to student community all possible assistance in choosing the appropriate avenues. To enable the students to realize their primary ambition, it has become imperative to counsel and encourage them to set definite goals. The cell provides guidance and training by briefing about various avenues during the time of admission.

      • Organizing talks and seminars regarding different job oriented and vocational courses.
      • Inviting career counsellors to inform students about job prospects of different subjects, Conducting aptitude tests, mock interviews and group discussions.
      • Arranging personal development programmes.
      • Encouraging the students to participate UPSC, and other comprehensive TNPSC Examinations.
      • Organizing career talks and seminars with the help of experts.
      • Updating the students with latest information on Industry and Economic Trends.




Year Description of Activity Date Participants/Beneficiaries
2018 Workshop on
Employability Skills
20/03/2018 Students and Scholars of
All The Departments
(350 Members)
2016 Careers and Leadership Workshop 21/04/2016 to 22/04/2016 Students and Scholars of All The Departments (380 Members)
2014 Workshop on Employability and Soft Skill 17/12/2014 & 18/12/2014 Students and Scholars of All The Departments (400 Members)
2014 Careers and Leadership Workshop 13/03/2014 to 14/03/2014 Students and Scholars of All The Departments (380 Members)
2014 Morning Session : Life Coping Skills And Career Plan 25/08/2014 Students and Scholars of All The Departments (350 Members)
2014 Afternoon Session :Careers and Empowering Young Leaders Seminar 25/08/2014 Students and Scholars of All The Departments (350 Members)


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email : [email protected]

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