The University Library,a replica of the Indian Parliament House in its structure is located prominently in the campus of the University. As an ever-growing unit for knowledge and information, the library concentrates not only in purchasing new books but also to collect and preserve old and rare books for its shelves.

As on date, the total number of books is 1,36,324 and the total number of periodicals is 393. A few rare personal collections of great scholars however procured. Mention may be made of an old collection procured from the first mobile library started in 1931 at Mannargudi.

India Office Library Records (1600-1900) are available in Microfilm. Scholars of repute, researchers and students frequently visit the library for reference. Moreover, a current awareness service, selective dissemination of Information and reprographic service are offered to them. Apart from the availability of photostat machine, materials such as linguaphone records, audio cassettes, video cassettes and CD’s are available for reference in the Library.

The well-designed University Library, with more than 1,70,000 books , journals (345) and monographs and caters to the needs of the students ,research community and the public.

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