Research Policies

Pioneering research activities on Tamil Language and Culture

  • Hundreds of Research Projects on Tamil language and culture funded by various international, national and state organizations such as UGU, CSIR, ICHR, ASI, INSA, ICSSR, NISTADS, CICT, Ford Foundation and CIIL, in addition to the support from the Government of Tamil Nadu, have been completed.
  • Hundreds of international, national and state level conferences, seminars, workshops and training programmes have been organised to disseminate and generate knowledge and new ideas.
  • Seventy endowments have been established for the generation of new ideas and dissemination of knowledge through lectures, student fellowships and awards.
  • More than 5000 texts of palm leaf manuscripts have been collected and are preserved in the University.
  • Several aspects of Tamil language, literature, culture, art and architecture, fine arts have been researched by the faculty of the university
  • Important Tamil Brahmi inscriptions and archaeological sites have been discovered by the faculty and students of the university
  • Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt of India has identified the Department of Industries and Earth Sciences as nodal centre for research activites on placer mineral deposits.
  • Many important archaeological sites such as Vallam, Periyapattinam, Kodumanal, Tandikkudy and Nagapattinam have been excavated by the University

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Publications for the People and Scholarly World

  • 17 volumes – Science Encyclopedia (in Tamil)
  • 17 volumes – Humanities Encyclopedia (in Tamil)
  • Greater Tamil Lexicon
  • Concordance of Sangam Tamil Literature
  • Dictionary of Technical Terms in Tamil
  • More than 500 Books on various subjects in Tamil

Education and Award of Degrees

Empowering students from rural and Poor Socio-economic Background, and Focus on Education through Mother Tongue Hundreds of PhDs, Hundreds of M.Phil. Graduates, Thousands of Post-Graduates, Students of Tamil University.


Programmes for Government Officers

For Promoting Tamil as administrative Language

Tamil Language Coaching program for IAS and IPS officers

Programmes for Non-Resident Indians

Training Programmes on Tamil Language and Culture for Scholars and Students from Malaysia and Singapore.

Public Outreach


Caring for the Public; Creating awareness and understanding among the public on Tamil Culture and Heritage


  • Exhibitions and awareness programmes for the Public on Tamil culture
  • NSS program for Public welfare
  • Library with 170,000 books for the benefit of the public, scholars and students
  • Museum for public awareness on archaeology, culture and heritage

Social Justice

Empowering the students from the rural and poor socio-economic background

  • Special Coaching for SC, ST, BC and Minority Students
  • Coaching for UGC, IAS and UGC NET Exams

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