Department of Architecture


  • To study and demarcate the ancient Architecture of South India and to survey and evaluate its influence over the culture of other countries.
  • To fill in the gaps and restructure and Architectural History of Tamilnadu.
  • To study the close contacts, mutual influences and intonations between Architecture and other allied work of Arts.
  • To explore the scientific factors and Engineering Techniques of Architectural work and the suggestion and means to make use of them to solve the present problems in Heritage preservation.
  • To document the current state of affairs and suggest ways to control the decay and disintegration of heritage monuments, high lighting the need to conserve, preserve, and rectify them.


  • The department has organized many seminars, workshops and refresher courses
  • The faculty members of the department have completed many research projects
  • The faculty members have published many books

Faculty Members



Dr. J. Anbu Jeba Sunilson

Associate Professor & Head of the Department (i/c)


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