Department of Literature


  • To carry out advanced studies on Cankam Classics.
  • To study the literary and spiritual values of devotional literature.
  • To study the ethical literature from social and cultural aspects.
  • To offer training in the traditional grammar
  • To study Tamil Literary works on interdisciplinary principles.
  • To prepare reference books for Tamil literary and grammatical works.
  • To conduct Refresher courses for the students and staff of various levels.


  • The department has organized many seminars, workshops and refresher courses
  • The faculty members of the department have completed some research projects
  • The faculty members have published some books/li>

Academic Programmes

  • M.A.
  • M.Phil.
  • Ph.D.

Faculty Members


Dr. J. Devi
Professor & Head of the Department

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Dr. A. Ravichandran
Associate Professor

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Dr. R. Thanalakshmi
Assistant Professor

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