Department of Social Science


  • To undertake inter-disciplinary research on socio-economic problems in urban and rural areas.
  • To undertake socio-linguistic research on various communities
  • To conduct studies on weaker sections, labour management, aging and primary education.
  • To conduct studies on women with special reference to their rights, employment, child infanticide, child labour, literacy, environment, health and related subjects.
  • To coin new technical terms and standardize the existing technical terms pertaining to social sciences in Tamil.
  • To assist the Government to plan and implement their various programs.


The Department strives to disseminate knowledge, to undertake Micro and Macro level researches towards betterment of the society and to implement outreach programmes to serve the mankind.


To facilitate holistic development of individuals by experiential learning, to imbibe the urge to conduct scientific enquiry
about societal issues and play an active role in transforming the human resource as a Change Agent for development.


  • The department has organized 34 seminars, workshops, training programmes and refresher courses
  • The faculty members of the department have completed 24 research projects
  • The faculty members have published more than 15 books
  • More than 10 Ph.D. have been awarded on women studies
  • C. Subramanian has received Dr. Malcolm S. Adisesaiah Literacy Award – 1996,  Tamil Nadu

Academic Programmes

  • M.A.
  • M.S.W
  • M.Phil.
  • Ph.D.

Faculty Members


Dr. S. Sangeeta
Associate Professor and
Head of the Department

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Dr. M. Arivanandan
Assistant Professor

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