Department of Music


  • To undertake research on the origin and development of music and the role of Tamil music in the broader context of Indian Music and World Music.
  • To analyze the role of music from inter-disciplinary perspectives with Literature, Dance, Dance-Dramas, Sculpture and Archaeology and other relevant science subjects such as Physics, Maths, Computer Science and Medicine.
  • To popularize rare Tamil Musical compositions by conducting Annual Music competitions, organizing seminars and endowment lectures.
  • To identify and restructure the musical forms as found in the ancient Tamil literature
  • To preserve the musical contributions, photos and recordings of the traditional musicians, musicologists and to collect rare musical instruments.
  • To encourage students to undertake high level research study on Music leading to M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees.
  • To impart practical training on Classical music, dance forms and folk music.
  • To introduce and popularize music teaching at under graduate and Post graduate levels.


  • The Department has organized 27 seminars, 3 workshops and 5 Refresher courses
  • The faculty members of the department have completed 31 research projects
  • The faculty members have published 43 books and 13 Music CDs

Academic Programmes


  • M.A. Music
  • M.A. Bharathanatiyam
  • M.Phil. Music and Dance
  • Ph.D. Music and Dance

Part Time

  • Certificate in Music
  • Diploma in Music

Distance Education

  • Certificate in Music
  • Certificate in Dance
  • Certificate in Rhythamology
  • Diploma in Music Teaching
  • Diploma in Dance
  • Diploma in Dance Teaching
  • B.A. Music
  • M.A. Music

Faculty Members


Dr. R. Madhavi
Associate Professor and
Head of the Department

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Dr. S. Karpagam
Associate Professor

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