Department of Environmental and Herbal Science


  • To carry out research projects, teaching programme and extension activities in Environmental and Herbal Sciences.
  • To undertake research in the field of Environmental Pollution, Natural Resources, Environmental Impact Assessment and Management and Disaster Management.
  • To address Environmental issues at Regional, National and International levels.
  • To undertake research in all areas related to Herbal Sciences like Botany, Pharmacology, Ethno botany, Phyto-chemistry and Pharmacology.
  • Identification, collection, conservation of Indian medicinal plants and maintenance of Herbal Garden. Propagation of rare and endangered Medicinal plants using modern techniques like Plant Tissue Culture.
  • To undertake multidisciplinary research on medicinal plants and help in standardization the herbal drugs and creating value added herbal products.

Academic Programmes

  • M.Sc. Environmental Science
  • M. Phil.(Herbal Science)
  • Ph. D.

Faculty Members


Dr. K. K. Kavitha
Associate Professor and
Head of the Department

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Dr. T. Rakesh Sharma
Assistant Professor

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