Department of Palmleaf Manuscripts


  • Collection of Palm leaf manuscripts
  • Preservation of Palm leaf manuscripts using new scientific techniques
  • Preservation of rare manuscripts through digitization and microfilming
  • Establishment and management of Palm leaf archives
  • Publication of books based on the materials found in the manuscripts, (translation with notes and commentaries)
  • Publication of the materials related to humanities and science from the Palm-leaf manuscripts, and conducting workshops for the benefit of the students and public.


  • The Department has collected more than 8000 palm leaf manuscripts covering several subjects such as Philosophy, medicine, astrology, grammar and Sangam literature. Among these 6410 are Tamil works.
  • More than 58 books have been published by the faculty members
  • The Department has organized 19 seminars, 18 workshops and some refresher courses.
  • Descriptive catalogs of the manuscripts have been prepared: 8 volumes containing 500 titles of manuscripts have been published. Two volumes with 1000 titles are ready to be published.

Academic Programmes

  • M.A.
  • M.Phil.
  • Ph.D.

Faculty Members

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Dr. T. Kala Sridhar
Associate Professor & Head of the Department

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