Department of Sculpture

The Department of Sculpture, established in September 1981 has undertaken more than a dozen research projects and brought out a four-volume Encyclopaedia of Hindu Iconography with Dr.Raju Kalidoss as Chief Editor. Concentration of research is mainly on the impact of Bhakti literature on the art and culture of India, in general and those of the State of TamilNadu in particular. Apart from facilities for doing research towards M.Phil. and Ph.D., the Department has a P.G programme in History, Art and Culture.

The Academic Staff have been contributing articles in leading National and International journals, besides taking part in Symposia and Seminars both in India and abroad. Disseminating what all that are essential in Sculpture, bringing out the dynamism of Indian Arts in all its perspective, with its regional ramifications, establishing an Archives for Sculptural artefacts and a continuous academic rapport for pursuing scholarly research are the chief aims of the Department.


  • Identification of new research areas in Indian art history and undertaking research in those areas
  • Documentation of ancient and traditional sculptures of India
  • Documentation of Tamil and Sanskrit iconography terminologies
  • Establishment of photographic archives of sculptures
  • To train the students on the science of sculpture through trained sthapathis
  • To study regional and sub-regional affinities and variations of the styles of sculpture
  • To study the features of temple sculptures in the light of the devotional hymns of the Nayanmars and Alvars.


  • The faculty members of the department have completed 15 research projects
  • The Department has organized 20 seminars, workshops and refresher courses.
  • The faculty members have so far published 10 books.

Academic Programmes

  • M.A. History, Art and Culture
  • M.Phil. History
  • Ph.D. History

Faculty Members


Dr. B. Sheela

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Dr latha

Dr. V. Latha
Associate Professor & Head of the Department

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